Shadow’s Senior Soul Session – Downtown Garner Photography

Aug 24, 2017

Shadow was such a great and gentle soul and he had a loving home for as long as a dog could dream.  Shadow and his siblings were born behind mom Tracy’s office twelve years ago in Angier.  Tracy saw a female terrier, obviously pregnant, hanging around the office.  She began feeding the mom and then after a while the puppies would follow her out of woods.  It took a few weeks, but Chris and Tracy managed to catch all the puppies and the mom.

“We rehomed the mom and the other puppies. Shadow just fit in with our family and other dog Bailee. He was the mildest, sweetest boy,” Chris described.

“Shadow was the complete opposite of [Bailee]. They were the perfect match. Bailee needed constant attention, while Shadow is content sitting at my feet. He is most attentive when I’m sick; the best cuddler and nurse.”

Tracy and Chris lost Bailee fairly suddenly more than three years ago.  When they got the news that Shadow had lymphoblastic leukemia, they knew they wanted to spend their time together making more happy memories and contacted me about a special photo session.  We met mid-January in downtown Garner.  It had literally snowed at the start of the week and by the weekend was 70 degrees!  We started at the Dog Park in downtown Garner.  It was just perfect for a perfect pup.  Shadow passed away within weeks of our session.

Tracy and I fought back tears looking through their special photo album in the middle of a coffee shop when I delivered their images after their session.  It is never easy saying goodbye to our beloved pets, but I am so thankful to have such loving clients that put their heartache aside to give these animals the most amazing lives and are willing to say goodbye when their pets are ready, but we aren’t.

Run free sweet boy! I’m sure you and Bailee are having a blast.