Help foster puppies and foster kittens in Wake County

May 2, 2024

Every spring there are endless pleas from rescues to help foster kittens in Wake County and the state.  It’s “kitten season” and shelters and foster-based rescues are filled to the brim! Many lower adoption fees to keep the kittens moving through to new homes and leaving space for new kitties to come in.

In 2021, North Carolina shelters had the second-highest rate of euthanasia in America. It’s a shameful statistic, but we can change that. The easiest way is to spay and neuter your pets (or help friends and family members who haven’t spayed or neutered their pets). But when puppies and kittens show up and shelters are overcrowded, you can still save lives when you volunteer to foster puppies or foster kittens in Wake County.

In 2013, I was so moved to help, but not in a position to foster myself. I came up with an idea to “campaign” to recruit new fosters for our area rescues.  What started swirling around in my head became an amazing photo shoot with some adorable kittens at the SPCA of Wake County!  These are some of the images I took.

*Yes I know many of you worry that you will end up “adopting all of them” if you foster.

*Yes, there is a chance you may fall in love and adopt one of your fosters, but I can promise you that’s not a bad thing.

I can also promise you that the reward of saving a life and giving another family the joy of adopting is priceless. You will receive so much more joy being a part of that process, than feeling sad when your fosters leave.  Then, you get a new group and start the process over again! 🙂

I’ve been a volunteer with local animal rescues in North Carolina since I moved here in 2011. You can read more about my volunteer work and how I give back here.

Here are some area rescues that would love for you to help foster puppies or foster kittens in Wake County and beyond:

SPCA of Wake County – How fostering works (easier than you think!)

SPCA of Wake County – Spay/Neuter Clinic

Calvin’s Paws – FAQ on Fostering

APS of Durham: Foster or supply kitten supplies

Best Friend Pet Adoption – Foster program

Safe Haven Cats – Foster Program

Wake County Animal Center – Foster program

Franklin County Humane Society – Foster program

Safe Care Spay/Neuter Clinic

Canine Community Outreach of N.C. – spay/neuter voucher program

Photo of a kitten with crystal blue eyes with text to encourage people to foster kittens in Wake County.

Save lives when you foster kittens in Wake County

These puppies below were found in a dumpster. Triangle Beagle Rescue saved them thanks to a large network of volunteers willing to foster puppies.

Puppies found in a dumpster, rescued by Triangle Beagle Rescue in North Carolina