Mini Sessions at a private sunflower field in Raleigh

May 18, 2024

July 9th, 2024 will mark one year without my heart dog Baxter. The dog that made me a dog mom and inspired me to become a pet photographer in North Carolina. The dog that changed my life.

Baxter at the sunflower field in 2019

One of my favorite photos of Baxter is this one. I found a dog sunflower customer and couldn’t resist a quick photo session in the sunflower field at Dix Park in Raleigh. I took this in 2019 when I was five months pregnant. I beamed with pride as everybody “oooooed” and “ahhhhed” over him as we walked through the field to find the perfect spot.

I turned this photo into a garden flag and placed it by our mailbox to honor Baxter. All of my neighbors comment on how it makes them smile.

To celebrate and honor Baxter’s life, I want to help other families have magical memories among the sunflowers. I have rented a private sunflower field in Raleigh for mini sessions on July 13th.

Dix Park has a great sunflower field, but it has become so popular that it is difficult to find a good photo spot without dozens of other people in the background. And by the time you find a place to park and walk to the field, you are already sweating.

Sunflower field at Dix Park in Raleigh

That’s why I reserved a special place just for you. You can drive up and stay in the car with the air conditioner running until it’s time to pop out for your mini-session. These sessions are ten minutes each. It’s long enough to let your pup and kiddos explore the blooms during the golden hour light and short enough not to break a sweat or lose their interest. Each family will receive an online gallery of about 15 images. Sessions are $299 (+tax) and include your choice of four digital images. You can upgrade to purchase all of your images for $399 before your session ($499 after your session). You will also receive 15% off wall art when you pre-purchase your full gallery.

Raleigh Sunflower Fields

I took two of my kiddos out in mid-June to test out the location at 7pm. PURE MAGIC! See it all below: