Zoe and Cooper – Raleigh Jack Russells

Sep 28, 2014

Meet these senior pups, Zoe and Cooper!  I’ve lucked out with a relatively cool summer, but these pups had the hottest shoot of the summer!  We had to reschedule at least once because of rain.  On the way to their shoot, I drove through ten minutes of a torrential downpour, but kept driving because I knew there would be sunny skies ahead. And I was right and we had great light for our session. Phew…but the humidity from the storm that rolled through was intense!  But the pups were very happy to be out for a walk with mom and dad!  They are just so cute and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this area of North Raleigh that Jodi and Tom picked out for their photos! I love discovering new places.

Jodi says Zoe (aka ZoZo da Bobo, Szhee Szhee) is the couple’s our first “baby.” She says Zoe “doesn’t know she’s a dog, LOVES all people, will sit in any lap she can find; is sweet, calm, not a typical JRT and shadows whichever parent is at home.”

Cooper also goes by Coopa Doop, Fat Boy, Lumpy McFatterson and Buddy.  Mom says Cooper is: “ALL JRT! Never met a tennis ball he didn’t like; can play “fetch” for hours and then will hobble around for the next couple of days due to sore muscles; very protective of our home and his people but he is a lovable ball of mush behind closed doors; may NOT be the smartest JRT you’d ever meet but we love him just the same.”

Here is their story:

We found Zoe first. I saw her picture on Craigslist and I was HOOKED. I drove 2 hours to meet her in person and fell in love. She was originally known as Pixel. She was so tiny, the runt of the litter, with a little brown dot on the top of her head. I put a deposit down right then. I brought Tom back the next day. He walked in and was not impressed with Zoe’s birth mom. She was not very attractive. We went and had lunch to discuss it and decided that we would NOT take Zoe. We went back to tell the breeder that we wouldn’t be taking her. Tom picked her up, Zoe looked up at him with her sweet brown eyes and then fell asleep in his arms. He was done. She was ours.

After having Zoe for six weeks we realized that she needed a playmate. We couldn’t keep up with her energy. I emailed the breeder and told him that the next time he had a litter that we would like to have a male. He said that there was ONE male left from the litter born six weeks after Zoe (same dad, different mom). Nobody had chosen Raymond. I said that we would take him sight unseen. I drove the two hours to get him and found a handsome chubby, shy guy waiting for me. He threw up in the car on the way home, hid from everyone for months and barked at Tom whenever he came in the room. Fast forward almost 11 years and he is the one who sleeps in between our pillows every night.  We love these two crazy dogs.