What to wear for your photoshoot – Raleigh portrait photographer

Nov 15, 2012

People always want to know what to wear for their shoot! Here are some great examples! I typically tell people to avoid white and black. Most of the time a white shirt will end up being “too bright” compared to the rest of the colors in the photo and you lose some detail. Black can work, but BRIGHT, BOLD colors make for the best photos.

BOLD COLORS: Think jewel tones (teal, purple, etc). These colors tend to pop year-round and are especially great for fall! In the below collage, notice how the coral and reds really pop.  Also note the last photo in the top row.  The family all has on bright coordinating colors. I love how the mom and daughter’s shirts have a little flare to them to add some texture and show off their personalities.

In terms of large group shots, consider matching colors for genders or age groups. What also really works in the photo below is that most of the family has on solid colors, but just a few of them have on a striped pattern.  It breaks up the group shot, while still looking styled, but not forced. Also, three of the girls have on pink: Two in matching dresses, one in a shirt and jeans and the other in the navy blue color. It shows off their different styles, but they are all part of the same cohesive group. Their matching headbands also pull the look together. This family gets FIVE out of FIVE  stars from me!

Here are a few more examples.
TEXTURE: Everybody can be wearing the same color in a shoot, but if each person has on different textures and/or cuts/styles, they don’t look like they are wearing the same exact outfit.  I love the ruffles on the coral dress and layers and sweaters always look great for fall.
ACCESSORIES: Dressing up isn’t just about you! Think about bringing some accessories for your pooch! It maybe a special collar, a sweater or bandana. Even bringing just one item can make for a great “second look” for your pet portrait session.  For children, think hats, hair bows and a brightly colored blanket (can serve as a great backdrop too as in the first collage up top). If you opt for a simple top or dress, ladies, consider going bold with your necklace or earrings.  Think about your shoes!  I also incorporate full body shots and low-angle shots as well.  You can always bring flip flops and then pop out the pumps for a few shots.  You don’t have to have a full wardrobe change to achieve a second look either. Maybe bring a jacket that can be taken off later or a fun hat.

Here are two great examples for siblings!  The girls have matching outfits, but they look totally different! I love the bright colors and coordinating patterns. They come together perfectly without being overly matchy. The boys are styled just right too! They have matching colors but two different style shirts and two different textures. Kids all have their own personalities. If they are old enough, ask them for help picking out what they want to wear for the shoot. This helps build excitement and makes them feel like they are a big help in planning a special time for the family.  This usually translates into them being more involved/less distracted at the shoot as well.