Welcome to the world baby Colton! – Raleigh portrait photographer

Oct 9, 2012

Meet baby Colton! He was born September 11th to mom Kathy and dad Joedy. He came in at six pounds 12 oz and 19 inches long. Colton didn’t seem to be in to the modeling or sleeping or not crying during our shoot. hehe But it’s his world and we were just rollin’ with it. We managed to find his comfy/cozy spots a few times and just melted away to LaLa land for some cute shots. By far, he was most comfortable in either mom or dad’s arms. What better place is there to be?  Here’s what mom Kathy had to say about finally meeting her baby boy: “The first night in the hospital all I did was stare at Colton. I couldn’t get over the little sounds he made and all that hair he had on his head! After nine months of carrying him, it was so surreal to meet the little person who had been kicking your belly. ”