Wedgie the Pug Puppy in Raleigh

Jun 16, 2016

If there was ever THE most perfect name for a pug, Wedgie is certainly it!  Hannah and Chris welcomed their pug puppy Wedgie to their family this spring. They knew he was “the one” because of his perfect wrinkles Hannah told me.  These two NC State fans were ready to celebrate their pug puppy in Raleigh with a photo session so we headed to NC State’s campus on a perfectly gorgeous evening.  Wedgie came dressed to impressed and mom and dad were perfectly coordinated with a red necklace and red kicks.  Wedgie was 11 weeks old during his photos.  He has a drawer full of clothes that he will soon grow into including pajamas and a smoking jacket! Ah! I can’t wait to see him in all his outfits!

You can follow Wedgie on Instagram at @wedgiesworld

This photo below had me laughing for about ten minutes when I first saw it.