The Golden Guys – Raleigh dog photographer

Jun 23, 2015

Move over Golden Girls! These are the Golden Guys and they have just as much personality and style and good looks!  The first thing to know about all of the dogs, (as you will quickly notice) they all wanted to be no more than two inches from me.  I was able to sneak a few photos from a distance, but as soon as I did, they were up and in my face in the best way possible!  How can you not love a Golden!  Love these pups so much!

Now for introductions as written by mama, a foster and volunteer with Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue:

Teddy (11 years old) is a puppy mill survivor from Georgia who still carries some of his puppy mill scars – a sweet and gentle soul.

Peter (8 years old), a Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue foster boy who is very timid from his upbringing in a cage, but getting happier and braver every day in his new adoptive home.  – He has the one blue eye!
Chase (13 years old), from Atlanta (Adopt a Golden Atlanta), is deaf and had a band strapped around his muzzle his whole life so he wouldn’t bark.  He can’t open his mouth from atrophy, but he is also a sweet and gentle soul.
Beau (age unknown) was a Neuse River Golden Retriever foster dog who I adopted (the only foster dog that I have ever adopted after 15 years of fostering). He was found eating garbage in Person County.  He had no fur, he was 35 pounds, had heartworm, a leg dislocated from his hip and other maladies.  He is a canine John Belushi, and he is the President of the Wilson Frat House.
Left to right: Peter, Chase and Beau.  Teddy is just behind them!
After having his nose banded shut his entire life, this pup is still the sweetest guy you will ever meet!  He just pressed up against my legs wanting love the entire shoot!
Faithful Teddy loves his mama and snuggles!
Below: Why thank you Teddy for photo bombing Beau.
Peter wants to know if he’s close enough. Silly boy!