Stryder’s great escape – Raleigh pet photography

Oct 10, 2012

Oh Stryder! Where do we begin? I was so excited to meet Stryder for the second time. I photographed him back in the spring when he was up for adoption at the SPCA of Wake County.  He is quite a well-loved pup.  Mom Cait describes him as “laid-back and goofy. Stryder is older (6y/o), so he’s the perfect, mellow, calm dog for us…but he’s got a crazy-streak and is obsessed with walks and outside.”  Stryder was ready to roam the trails during our shoot in Apex.   He had  his eyes on other pups and walkers the entire time.  We were about three-quarters of the way through the shoot and it was time to put on his Redskins bandana. We were on the dock and about to switch locations when somehow…Stryder’s leash became unhooked.  It took him all of two seconds to figure it out and he BOLTED down the trail.  I’ve never seen a dog run so fast other than my Baxter.  Jay took off after him.  I looked at Cait who was in jeans and boots and asked, “ummmm…should I go? I’m in workout pants and tennis shoes.”  I feel silly for saying that I paused to ask, but my first thought was that I might scare Stryder being a “stranger” and running after him as well.  I set my camera down and sprinted down the path following Jay’s voice calling after Stryder.  I lost them around a bend and then started tracking their prints through a dirt trail that lead to a neighborhood.  I couldn’t see them or hear them.  I kept looking and listening, but couldn’t find them. I decided to sprint back to Cait who was waiting at the dock.  We flagged down a walker and borrowed her phone to call Jay. HE FOUND STRYDER!  Oh my gosh!  And of course Stryder had the largest grin on his face (see the first photo below) and had NO IDEA what he had just done.  I’ve never lost a dog on a shoot before and am thankful to say…that is still the case!  Don’t you just love the white around his nose, eyes and belly?  Thanks for the workout Stryder. Next time, just tell me to go to the gym.