Stryder and Orion – Fall photo shoot

Dec 4, 2013

Cait and Jay started this new holiday tradition of a family photo shoot with me last year! I am always excited to catch up with them on facebook and at SPCA events! This adorable laid back couple adopted Stryder from the SPCA and Orion the cat was adopted from Safe Haven for cats.  Their apartment had awesome light which bounced off the white walls and really allowed Orion to “do his thing” and show off his sexiness.   Isn’t he stunning?  He’s also a Polydactyl!  What does that mean…in normal people terms is means he has a thumb essentially! Check out that close up shot of his paws!  Orion gave mom and dad a real scare earlier this year and they almost lost him, but happy to say he is back to his cuddly self!

Stryder didn’t want much to do in terms of looking at the camera. He much prefers to “stare off into the distance and look stoic” pose.  What a nut!  But still charming as usual!  I think we captured this little family just perfectly!  Sweet. Laid back and very loving!