Simi the super star! – Raleigh dog photography

Dec 19, 2012

Simi! My sweet sweet Simi! Just one look and you should know why I love her so!  I first met Simi last December.  Mom, Jennifer wanted to do a surprise session for her hubby! It was my first shoot with my Canon 5D markii and I kept gasping after ever photo I took! They were so clear and crisp and the color popped and OH-EM-GEE the dog! Simi became the “face” of InBetween the Blinks for quite some time. She was on my business card and I used the same photo at my facebook page photo and in my very first ad in The Triangle Dog magazine (see below!)  I remember one time handing my business card to somebody with Simi’s photo on it and she said, “Oh! I just liked your facebook page! I know who you are!”  Really…she knew who Simi was!  Soooo, how in the world was I going to top that shoot with another one this year?  I was a bit nervous even with all the leaps and bounds I’ve made in my skills in the past year.  But Simi did not disappoint and wow oh wow!  She is so good off leash, has the brightest smile and is just a darn good dog!  I often joke that I would trade Baxter and Lily for her.  (and after the recent events/adventures/mishaps with my two pups…I just might make a trade for real! lol)

But that’s not all! I got a call in early November (or was it October) from Tails Inc. Magazine.  They were looking for a photo for the cover of their December issue and found my website and wanted to see some more of my photos! I said, “I have the PERFECT” photo for you! It was Simi in her red scarft on an old rustic porch! They LOOOOVED it and it graces the cover just perfectly if I do say so myself!

The best part of course was receiving the following email from Jen after our shoot:

“I was SO EXCITED to see the pictures yesterday! You have blown my mind, yet again. The family pictures are absolutely perfect and the pictures of Simi are just so beautiful. You manage to perfectly show her personality and all the things we love the most about her through your pictures. I showed them off all afternoon/evening yesterday (to Tim’s whole family, then my mom and dad) and had so many requests for copies.
It’s strange, I know I’ve only met you in person for just a few hours total, but I feel like you hold a special place in my heart because you have been able to both see and perfectly portray the precious intimacy of our little family and beautifully capture the biggest joy we get to experience every day – the tail wags, kisses, and love of our little girl, and the happiness and love we share as a family. And I can’t put into words how much it touches my heart that you love her just as much as we do.”