Simi says farewell to Raleigh – Triangle dog photography

Jun 11, 2013

My sweet sweet Simi! I call Simi “my golden child” and always joke that I would happily trade Baxter and Lily for Simi. But that would not be fair to whoever gets my pups! lol I’ve been photographing Simi and family for three years now and sort of think of myself as the “fourth wheel” in the family and I don’t think Jen or Tim mind too much. Jen just graduated (with some sort of medical degree that I will not correctly document here because all science related terms jumble in my brain) and they wanted to celebrate with a spring photo shoot (that explains the stethoscope Simi is sporting in one of the photos). I was so stunned when they told me they were moving to Richmond that now I can’t remember if they told me at the start of the shoot or waited until the end. Either way, I was devising plans to kidnap them! Thankfully, Richmond isn’t that far away and we’ve already picked out a park for Simi’s next shoot! Oh sweet sweet Simi! My model and muse!  And I could not post these photos without sharing Jen’s response: (this is what I strive for every time)

“You have outdone yourself AGAIN!! These are absolutely beautiful beyond my dreams. Tim and I had a very strong reaction, both of us getting teary seeing these. Part of it might be because we’re going to miss you so much 😉 but also because of the moments you capture – they’re the precious moments that are so fleeting that they never really get captured on film but are the moments you never want to forget how it looked or how it felt; like a kiss or smile from Simi, or the look on Tim’s face when he looks at her or (sometimes) me, or the liveliness, quirkiness, energy, and spring in Simi’s step, or the spark in her eyes that I can only choose to interpret as love. You get those shots with what seems to be ease. And it warms and touches our heart. The fact that we can frame and look at those moments and see the things we love the most about Simi and our family daily is so beyond precious to us. You’re much more than a photographer to us. You have such a huge heart and such passion for pets and their parents that recognizing those moments is natural for you. We are given the gift of being able to hold onto those moments for the rest of our lives. ”