Senior Souls: Saying good bye to Mr. Thomas

Mar 21, 2013

My heart hurts today.  It was two years ago that I photographed my first “senior soul.” Suki was sick and didn’t have long.  I was a little nervous hoping  I could hold it together during the session. I’d never met the dog or his owners, but I could feel their pain before I ever stepping into their home. Since then, I’ve been honored to capture lasting memories of families and their four-legged soul mates when their time together is running out.  It is something that I’ve wanted to put more focus on with my business for a quite some time. It is my goal to make these senior sessions (for both elderly or sick pets) as enjoyable and laid-back as possible. It’s a chance to simply create more memories and have some fun being together during a very special time.

I photographed Mr. Thomas in August 2012.  He was battling cancer and it had been a rough road for this senior soul.  I knew his mama from the SPCA and there was just something about his session and Thomas that stole my heart.  I would always ask about him and send him lots of love and thoughts.  His mom had to make the difficult decision to stop chemotherapy a few weeks ago as it was no longer helping. Yesterday, at 3 am, she had to say good-bye.  We all know our pets won’t live forever, just like we won’t live forever. But that never takes away the pain.  At least we can love them through it all, good and bad.  Mr. Thomas, I love you and will miss you.  Thanks for sending Ernest (a puppy mill rescue that came to live wit h Ernest and Vanessa a year ago) to keep mom company and snuggle her while she misses you.

(Please know that sick or elderly pets always receive priority booking.  Don’ wait until it’s too late.  Capture your memories today!)

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