Sasha – the leader of her pack – Rustic Raleigh dog photography

Mar 14, 2013

Meet the gang!  From left to right: Shelby, Alli, Sasha, Argus, Tommy

It all started with Sasha. She was first four-legged member to join Liliana and Carlos’ family.  At 12 years old, she is the strong silent type. About a year ago, Sasha was diagnosed with cancer and had to have one of her front paws removed.  She underwent chemotherapy to try to tackle the rest.  Earlier this month, Liliana and Carlos got a second dose of bad news. The cancer had returned and this time was causing Sasha pain in one of her back legs.  The family isn’t quite sure how much time they have left with her, but are determined to make the most of every second.  To say that Liliana and Carlos love and adore their dogs is an understatement.  Their heartbeats depend on the tail wagging of their five pups.  They even have a blog to catalogue their personalities and adventures.  Carlos already has some great photos of the dog’s that he has taken himself, but unfortunately he doesn’t get to be in any of those photos!  With the news Sasha’s cancer returning, we quickly set up a shoot to capture their beautiful family.  *Please note, senior dogs and terminally ill dogs always receive priority booking* I just love this old rustic farm house. I could have taken photos forever and was a little surprised at all of the photos we did get with five dogs! They were all very well behaved!

Below is Shelby. Those ears are all you need to see to understand her personality. She’s energetic, fun and takes on life a smile.  Below her is Alli. Alli is the daughter of Sasha and Argus and boy does she look just like them! She’s a little shy, but is quick to warm up.

I love the Sasha’s expression in these photos.  She is stoic and calm and very courageous. She says “it’s okay to let me go, Mommy and Daddy. You did good. You loved me and gave me a home. You pampered me and spoiled me. You gave me the best life and I will always be grateful.  I wish I could stay, but you will be okay.  I’ve left these other pups behind to look after you.”

This is what I call a “real life” shot. I LOVE these! Yes, we got a shot with everybody looking at the camera at the same time, but I love this one so much better.  Every dog is show his or her personality to a T. I can hear Argus saying in his old man voice (he’s also 12), “ugh…get a room you two!.” Shelby is off to cause trouble. Tommy could care less about what’s going on. Sasha says, “carry on everybody. I’m here when you need me.” And Alli, is the teenager (even though she’s 11 in human years) asking, “Can I go now” as she wiggles through mom’s arms. LOVE