Rosabelle the white boxer puppy – Raleigh dog photographer

Apr 30, 2014

What really needs to be said about Rosabelle? Let’s be honest, we are all just going to “ooooo” and “awh” our way through this post! But…this little ball of cuteness is Rosabelle, a white boxer puppy! She was about four months old during her early March photo shoot!!  She was the last of her litter to be adopted, most likely because she is deaf.  But that doesn’t stop her! She was so well-behaved during her shoot and stayed right by mom and dad’s side except for a few zoomies.  The Sunset and lighting this particular day was just magic and I love that Jheri picked out a location where she regularly walks Ro-Ro and one that I never would have found otherwise!

Mom Jheri works at CareFirst Animal Hospital and has a house full of pets!  Here is her story of finding Rosabelle: “I had recently heard about a littler of boxer puppies that had been put up for adoption through Pawfect Match.  I was looking on their website at the dogs that were available for adoption and I saw all of the boxer puppies. I had emailed the rescue telling them that Connor and I were interested in one of the puppies and they told me that all of them had applications put in to be adopted except for one. I knew she was the one for us because no one was interested in her. And I knew she would be ours.”