Revisiting my goals – Raleigh pet photography

Oct 1, 2012

I am a constant goal setter.  From little lists of “things to do” scribbled every where to mental lists to verbal promises of things to accomplish.  I’m so bad, that if I did something productive that I didn’t have on my “to do” list, I’ll write it down on the list after doing it, just to visually cross it off!  So one of my main goals per my previous post was to obtain my business license.  I decided to revisit some of my goals as a pet photographer in Raleigh, N.C. that I had a year ago and see how I measure up.  It makes me feel totally vulnerable to grade myself openly, but it’s also one way I like to keep myself accountable! I’m excited to start my next list of goals!

1)      Reach 300 fans on facebook. BOOM – got 600+

2)      Book 3-4 shoots a month I’m at 6-8 a month now in the busy season

3)      Upgrade to the Canon 5D Markii Purchased last December

4)      Redesign my website August 2012 – I LOVE IT

5)      Fine tune my logo August 2012

6)      Have photos/ad published in Triangle Dog Magazine DONE! – three times

7)      Shoot the cover of Triangle Dog Magazine Yes! This will be an auction prize for the SPCA Fur Ball

8)      Blog at least three days a week and develop a following I’ve been a blogging champ, but have fallen behind lately

9)      Set up a photo gallery available for clients to purchase prints/digital cd I have this new website ready to go and am using it for special events right now

10)   Be the “official” photographer for the SPCA Thank you to the SPCA for welcoming me with open arms

11)   Purchase a new lens (Canon 24-70mm) Coming soon! I blame this on Canon! I was just about to order and now the lens is on back order

12)   Attend a photography workshop I’ve taken a few courses online and just purchase a new pet photography book for more education

13)   Connect with more pet-friendly businesses Always a work in progress, but I’m definitely made great relationships so far

14)   Network with other local photographers I have one great local photog that I’ve had coffee with and she’s become a great email friend. I am hoping between her wedding shooting schedule and my two jobs, we’ll be able to get together soon on a personal and professional level.

15)   Find a way to sell prints of my photographs (especially travel pics) – DONE…I just haven’t marketed it yet! But here’s the link: