Visit the Raleigh Rose Garden

Mar 1, 2024

I love photographing dogs and families at the Raleigh Rose Garden. I had a few fall pet photography sessions there this season and was also able to go explore on my own.

I took these close-up photos several years ago of the roses with a Canon 100mm macro lens. These are still some of my favorite nature photos I’ve ever taken. God always amazes me with his creations. The color. The little textures in the petals. Breath-taking.

Macro photos of roses

Family and dog photo sessions

The Raleigh Rose Garden is near NC State’s Campus and by the Raleigh Little Theater.

Parking is available on the street and there is a small parking lot by the outdoor amphitheater when shows are not going on. The garden can be muddy after a big rain, but there has been quite a bit of work done the last few years to help with drainage as the area is below street level.

The roses are typically in bloom between Mother’s Day and late November. The fall colors are also amazing near the back of the park.

I love the variety this garden setting offers for families. In the middle of the hot summer, there is evening shade and gorgeous color. I’ve been photographing one particular family at the garden for three years in a row. Each year the garden delights us with a different view of the colors.

Want to have colorful photos of your dog and family at the Raleigh Rose Garden? Contact me today.

Check out Sadie the Schweenie’s dog photo session at the Raleigh Rose Garden here.

Please note, that all photographers must have a license with the City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation Department in order to photograph in city parks. These permits also require liability insurance. Tara Lynn & Co. is proudly permitted by the City of Raleigh and insured by State Farm.

Two blond girls walk in a rose garden with blue formal dresses. Photo taken as the girls walk away from the camera