Published: The Huffington Post shares photo campaign to promote pit bulls

Feb 24, 2014

The Huffington Post!! Yes, you read that correctly!  I really have enjoyed the surge in articles by The Huffington Post about great work by animal rescues. The stories have filled up my facebook feed over the last several months. Each time I thought to myself, “yes, and the SPCA of Wake County is doing great stuff like this too! Why aren’t they sharing some of their work?”  Well, maybe they just didn’t know or somebody hadn’t told them about all the creative things going on.

So I decided to put a bug in their ear!  For our February Pit Crew photo shoot, I had suggested doing personal ads for the pitties.  Instead of our usual (and oh so creative backgrounds that MaryAnne always comes up with!), we did a simple white background and tried to get more of a “headshot” of the dogs.  We each picked a few of the pups to “interview” and help them write up their ads. Although, the dogs will tell you that this was all their idea and they wrote their own ads and posted them online one late night at the SPCA. lol  So far nearly all of the dogs in the shelter have been adopted.  A few long-timers in foster care are still waiting for their perfect home, as well as Blue Toes (so sexy!) and Dulce (love that sweet face).

So Darci at the SPCA worked her graphic design magic and created the ad design and website.  Then I made the pitch to the Post and the editor LOVED IT!

This past Sunday, the news paper shared our latest campaign and photo shoot for the Pit Crew in this article.  I am so proud to work with this great organization and the amazing volunteers that give sooooo much of their time.  We all hope  this article will continue to dispel the negative myths about pit bulls and help some of our long-timers get some extra attention to find their forever homes!
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Check out the remaining pitties still hoping their personal ad will catch your eye and your heart!