Project 52 – Words – Adorable dog quotes

Sep 6, 2013

This week’s theme is right up my alley!  I love to marry words or sayings with my photographs and I especially love dog quotes!  This week it was so hard to choose which photos to use, but I hope you will enjoy some of this cuteness!  I actually started a series of images and sayings like this that I call “Thoughtful Paws & Prints” that I offer for sale.  I really love sharing these on facebook and hope as many people share as possible to spread the message of just how amazing rescue animals are!  A lot of times I do get some great bloopers so I included a few funny photos/saying as well this week! I hope it makes you laugh!

I’ve also started a “chalkboard series” where I bring this awesome big chalkboard to my shoots or to a mini-shoot session and allow clients to choose their favorite quote. We did this for one of the Pit Crew Shoots at the SPCA and it was a hit! You can see the rest in the album on my facebook page!

Next up in the blog circle is Denver Pet Photographer, StinkDog Photos.  I think I should nickname my Lily “stinkdog” as she likes to poot allllll the time.  Doesn’t even acknowledge it any more. (yes, my inspiration for the photo of the two puppies above!)