Project 52 – Into the Woods

Nov 15, 2013

This week theme encouraged us to take a trip into the woods. I’ve been dying to get some photographs of my pups in the fall leaves, but unfortunately have not been able to make that happen.  I have however been taking many trips into the woods lately to photograph other people’s pets in the fall wonderfullness!  So meet Polly the nine-year-old Boxer and Spiffy the ten-year-old Jack Russell.   I kept calling Spiffy “Tippy.”  My dad always talks about the dog he had growing up named Tippy.  Thankfully Spiffy and mom and dad just went with it!  Both pups are rescues and very sweet.  Spiffy is a total mama’s boy and Polly is a lover of all humans! So here is a look at our walk in the woods! When you get to the bottom of the post, don’t forget to click the link to the next photographer in the Project 52 series for a look at how everybody else’s trek into the woods turned out!

(For my fellow Project 52 photographers: My whites/highlights always look perfect on my home computer but look blown out to bits on some others. How does it look on your end? The second photo doesn’t have nearly the detail on my laptop as it does on my IMac).


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