Project 52 – Week of the Selfie

Jun 6, 2014

This week’s challenge to take a self-portrait with our best friends…our pets of course!  I love some of the “dog selfie” photos going around the internet. Cracks me up! I often get photos of me and my pups snuggled up on the couch with my phone, but holding up a big DSLR can be tricky. But I was ready for the challenge.  Time is really tight these days.  I have five shoots this week! So I didn’t venture out any where, but just stayed at home where it’s comfy.  And it was the perfect time to do a “bump” update since I haven’t at all on my blog!

I’m 31.5 weeks along and our baby girl is due August 5th!  It’s going to be a challenge with the dogs as they both have to stay separated in the house. But the good news there is it’s working! And we most likely won’t have to re-home Lily. (light shines down from Heaven and angels sing as I type that! yahoo). Baxter however was traumatized by a family with seven kids before we adopted him and is NOT toddler-friendly. But fingers are crossed he will quickly love his new pack member as he loves the ladies and considers himself the guardian of the pack!

I did smooth my skin just slightly on this photo, but not nearly as much as I would like. haha  I have several new dark spots on my face from pregnancy and work overnights in my other job and got a total of 4.5 hours of sleep yesterday between two different naps.  So I think I’m prepared for a newborn in terms of lack of sleep.  I also just did color/exposure adjustment for my photo with Lily.  Her nose print is on my shirt.  There is dog hair all over me and well, that’s life. And our lives are going to get a whole lot messier come August! I can’t wait!

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