Project 52 – Week 1 – Family

Jan 4, 2013

This week as we start the new year, we were given the challenge of being in front of the camera! I bought a tripod months ago just for Christmas. I’ve started a tradition where we take a family photo on the steps of my parents house each year. So here we are! (Oh yea…that’s me in the front row on the left, blue shirt). After checking out this post, take a look at Melbourne Dog Photographer, Ragamuffin Pet Photography and continue through the links until you end up back here!

In 2008, I surprised my family by hiring a photographer to come get family photos during our Christmas gathering. (We all celebrate together the weekend before Christmas). Everybody got a cd with the images and my parents now have a canvas of us all in the house! We’ve never had a formal family portrait of all of us together. Living in different states and kids and crazy busy lives, I knew Christmas would be our chance! It’s one of the best memories I have. I made a scrapbook out of the photos and my brothers and sisters have prints hanging on their walls. Very special.

Here is the photo that started it all…in 2006. I have a few more from other years but can’t seem to find them right now.