Project 52 – Vintage

Aug 2, 2013

So excited to be back in the blog ring! Phew. Does life ever slow down? Ever??  This week’s theme was vintage! We could use a vintage prop, backdrop or use editing to give our photos a vintage feel. I do love playing around with vintage editing styles, but overall it’s not my consistent style for my clients, but I doooo love it!  So not only did I get to have fun with my vintage editing, but I also got to use my friend’s dog (not vintage) on her super awesome vintage couch that I am extremely jealous of but can’t really find a way to sneak it out of her out, load on top of my SUV and drive it back to Raleigh unnoticed.

In the first photo below, the left image is how I would normally edit and the one of the right is how I would add a vintage feel to it.

And this is how I interpreted what Peanut was thinking in her head. LOL

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