Project 52 – Texture

Feb 28, 2014

This week’s theme is texture!  I’m so glad to be back in the circle this week after missing the last two (or was it three!?!?!).  And this theme and a recent shoot remind me of why I can’t stop thinking about buying the 100mm macro lens!  I really want to get closer and closer than my 50mm and 35mm allow. But I digress…

Baxter has the softest fur! It never seems to get dirty. It’s ALWAYS soft and he NEVER smells!  Lily on the other hand can get a bath one week and smell funny the next.  I blame her skin allergies.  Well, the two got in a scuffle last week and Baxter ended up getting a bad cut on his ear.  The vet shaved his whole ear and gave way to a really interesting “texture.”  I wanted to get a cute shot of him with both ears perked, but he is determined to make this sad pitiful face these days when I ask him to sit for a photo.



He also has really loooong hair on the bottom of his paws.  I’ve often though about cutting it, but fear he might make a sudden move.web-0009And here is this sad pitiful look I’m talking about!  I think he wants you to think that I am just so cruel to make him sit and wait for a treat.

I love the texture of my white chair in the front room of the house and it often makes appearances for Project 52. I like the softness and the lines that all point to Baxter.

Then we went to the backyard where the grass is still recovering from snow.  But I like the contrast in texture and color between the grass and the retaining wall.

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