Project 52 – Texture – Raleigh pitbull puppy

Mar 15, 2013

*Project 52 is a group of pet photographers around the world that take a photograph each week to go along with a chosen theme! Follow the links at the end of each post to see the different takes on the themes!*

I spent all week trying to figure out where to go for this week’s Project 52 theme!  It was texture and I just love a lot of the textures around downtown Raleigh, but have already used some of those photos on the blog or they’ve been seen before. I really wanted something different. All of a sudden it dawned on me…to walk down the hall!  One of the guest rooms is a bright terracotta orange!  Orange has always been one of my favorite colors (I was obsessed with Tigger and even named by first cat after him even though my cat wasn’t orange).  I found a great bedspread with a great orange stripe and matched that color to some paint.  The comforter has a great texture and pattern to it and really make my mono-chromatic Lily stand out. I PROMISE I do try to take photos of Baxter, but he just gets so excited when I bring out the camera that he sits one inch from me and wags his tail like treats are going to fall out of the camera or something. He won’t stay far away enough for me to take his photo!

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