Project 52 – Tails from the other side

Dec 21, 2012

This week’s theme for Project 52 was “tails from the other side.” We were challenged to show off the “other end” of our pets!  My pups have some darn cute front sides, but their back sides are adorable as well!

Lily is all white and only has three black spots: one on her eye and ear, one on her tail and one small one the right side of her back.  If you look at her back though, she looks polkadotted!  But all of those spots are on her skin.  She has no control over her tail whatsoever.  However she is very submissive when first meeting other dogs and tucks her tail and will often roll over.

Baxter has the funniest curved tail I’ve ever seen. It’s this wild hair that fans out and runs down the back of his legs. I call those his “butt wings” because it looks like he could just flap his legs and fly away!

This last photo is Lily running full speed at the dog park last Saturday.  This was her second trip.  The first time she spend most of the time hiding under a picnic table, submissively rolling over and observing. This time she was much more brave and would take off running, often with nobody chasing her. She jumped up on several people and licked them in the face and did chase a few dogs and had them chase her.  She’s growing up!

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