Project 52 – Street Art – Downtown Raleigh Graffiti photos

May 10, 2013

Baxter and Lily were terrible, terrible as in no good models for me this week. Sheesh!  Now I know what photographers mean when they say it’s so much easier for another photographer to get photos of their “kids.”  Baxter and Lily are always obedient when at home, but act like wild animals in public as if they don’t get out of the house! Nevertheless and I cannot contain my excitement to show you these photos!  This week’s Project 52 theme was “street art.” I’ve been wanting to just drive around some streets I usually don’t drive down to find some great painted walls around downtown Raleigh. I found the most beautiful mural and knew this was the spot.  I love the bright blue and yellow and the way these colors pop.

This photo below in on my all time favorite list now for Lily. Probably in the top three.  I just love the emotion this photo portrays. While Lily was totally enamored with the birds above, she looks full of hope and I love how the yellow ribbon of color curves around as if guiding your eyes from Lily on the bottom, to the left and circling back around to bring your eye back to her.  It reminds me to dream; that dreams start within, take us on a journey and ultimately the lessons we learn come back to us time and time again and make us who we are.  What does this photo say to you?This was Baxter’s best shot at modeling for me in front of these large cartoon banners.  I was really annoyed at first,  but Baxter does have quite the cute profile and he does prefer to show off his “sophisticated” and “stoic” side. So handsome! I love that there is a big Pepsi and Coke mural within two blocks of each other. I had to get a photo of each, but let’s set the record straight, COKE will always win in the battle against Pepsi! 🙂  Lily and Baxter however are loved equally.And to show you exactly what I had to work with…see below! Lily kept giving me this face because I wouldn’t just let her go explore downtown (after all I did find her wandering the streets of downtown on her own almost a year ago as a puppy).  Baxter finally gave me a few smiles, but refused to perk his ears.  What a mess they are!

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