Project 52 – Spotlight

Apr 12, 2013

It was my turn to choose a theme for Project 52. Project 52 is a group of international pet photographers that take a photo each week according to a chosen theme and then we all post our photos Friday.

I was really inspired by my photo last week of Baxter basking in the sunlight and the lines (the theme was “lines) of the blinds falling across his back.  I wanted to play a little more with light this week and chose “spotlight” and challenged the group to use light to direct attention to the subject of the photo.  I took this shot below near the end of my shoot earlier this week with Polly.  It was a perfect tunnel of light passing through two historic homes in downtown Raleigh.  While the “spotlight” is behind her, I love the way the light shines in a line from the setting sun to hear right ear and down that side of her body.  The lens flare below her belly cracks me up and looks like an alien invaded part of the photo.  I love that I caught her blinking too as she looks like she is thoroughly enjoy the warmth of the sun on her back as she rests from her modeling debut.

I wanted to try a few shots with Baxter and Lily. I was really hoping to work with the light coming in through the window downstairs as it creates a really harsh box of light, but the contrast was just too much almost against Baxter and Lily’s white fur.  So I took them upstairs to the guest room and used the diffused light from the blinds.  It created a broader “spotlight” but only light up a small slice of the room.   I was hoping for a more dramatic “spotlight,” but am still pleased with how the photos turned out.  Baxter and Lily are too cute not to take a good photo as I long as I have my settings right! 🙂

Next up in the blog circle is Unleashed! pet portraits in Victoria, BC.