Project 52 – something new

May 17, 2013

This week’s theme was to try something new or work on a technique we’ve been practicing. I bought my fancy shmancy Canon 70-200 L series to help improve my action shots. Here are a few from this week that I really loved.  This is Snickerdoodle and she has been up for adoption at the SPCA of Wake County for quite some time! She is currently in a foster home where she thrives.  I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for her.  I have wanted to get some updated shots of her for the website and help promote her since she’s not at the shelter full time. I could have hugged and kissed her all afternoon.  There are certain dogs that always grab your heart, but especially the “long timers” at the SPCA that I have had a chance to work with and photograph on a regular basis. Learn more about Snicks (my nickname for her) at

I’m still working on getting my aperture and shutter speed at the right points to make sure my super star subjects are in focus. I always shoot with as shallow a field as possible, getting myself to go higher than a f/4.0 is definitely something new for me!

In the first photo, I shot at 1/640, f/4.5 and ISO 140.  Her claws are in focus, but her eyes are just a little fuzzy when you zoom in. Still I LOVE IT!

Snicks showing off her “sitting” skills for me!Obviously out of focus, but doggonit I love it!  Snickers LOVES to roll over!

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