Project 52 – Shoes

Mar 1, 2013

I knew this week would be difficult with my pups. The theme is “shoes.”  Well, Lily (the adorable puppy that she is…I keep repeating to myself) ate a great pair of black pumps that I had a few months ago. Thankfully it was at the change of the season, but it was still that perfect pair of pumps for work, I could wear with jeans and that go-to pair.  They were about $35 from Marshalls so it wasn’t a financial loss, but now I have to try to find another pair that is comfortable and affordable and that’s just a hassle.  Then on Christmas day, I finally received a pair of Uggs! They have three buttons on each boot.  It wasn’t five minutes after I opened them and tried them on, set them down to take a photo of the family in front of the tree, that Lily grabbed one, ran into her little “dog cave” and ate one of the buttons.  A store at the mall was gracious enough to let me exchange them for a brand new pair! Awesome. Crisis averted…until this week.  I had my Uggs in my closet on the floor. I usually put them on the top shelf in case a certain somebody forgets to close the door to the closet (Lily also eats underwear, socks, and basically anything she isn’t supposed to eat).  Well that said somebody forgot to close the door at some point Tuesday night and I woke up to find TWO buttons missing from one of my Uggs boots!  These are actually functional buttons that close the sides of the boot.  So that little booger isn’t getting anywhere NEAR my shoes, nope…not even for a cute photo.

So I present you with Kroger!  I’ve been behind on getting his photoshoot up on the blog. It is by far one of my absolute favorite shoots ever!  Dad had NO interest in being in front of the camera, but I wanted at least one photo to have some representation of them together in the photo.  So here are three different versions I came up with. I am OBSESSED with the last one! Stay tuned for more of Kroger.

Now check out an amazing amazing photographer, Ragamuffin Pet Photography in Melbourne in  Australia. I just LOVE her work.  Follow the links until you end up back here!