Project 52 – Seniors

Aug 23, 2013

This week’s theme was dedicated to seniors.  I loathe the day that my pups become old and start to gray, but I take pride knowing that I will have given them the best life has to offer and that I could provide.  My heart goes out to two of our Project 52 members who recently had to say good-bye to their beloved four-legged family members.  It is something so many of us can relate to and understand how hard that decision is to make when sometimes we have to make the call to end their suffering.  So with that in mind, I wanted to post a photo that would bring a smile to you all this Friday.  Here is sweet “senior”, 8 year old Diego.  He is part of a special project I’m working on at a local veterinary office.  He has such beautiful hair and eyes and enjoyed showing off his tricks. I love the look on his face I captured as he was rolling over.  May we never get too old to be a little silly!

Next up for this week’s blog ring is Northumbrian Pet Photographer, Martin Swaffield.