Project 52 – Run

Mar 22, 2013

*Project 52 is a group of pet photographers around the world that take a photograph each week to go along with a chosen theme! Follow the links at the end of each post to see the different takes on the themes!*

This week’s theme was RUN!  I’ve really been trying hard to incorporate more action shots in each shoot.  I honestly don’t know how sports photographers do it!  Looking through a little hole in the camera and trying to get all the settings correct to cut out blur, but also making sure your focus on a moving subject is spot on. Tough! But I did get a shot for this week’s theme!

This is a shot of Bailey running wild to get out some energy after being such a great model this weekend! Not quite the animated action shot I was trying for, but she’s in focus! Yahoo! 🙂  She doesn’t need to be on a leash because she always listens to her mama! I wish my dogs would do that!

Next up in the blog ring this week is Brentwood Dog Photographer, Kelly Coyle! Check out her take and follow the links until you end up back here!