Project 52 – Reflection

May 24, 2013

This week’s Project 52 theme was “reflection.” We have certainly had enough rain around here and I’ve always wanted to get a great reflection shot in a puddle of water.  But the rain doesn’t puddle around my neighborhood.  I had a project that involved Baxter and Lily yesterday and it ended up being the perfect opportunity to capture “reflection.”  Lily is definitely my co-pilot.  She loves to stand her back legs on the back seat and her front legs on the center console.  What’s hilarious is that she “pimp leans” on my shoulder! She’ll put one arm over my right shoulder and lean on me like she is a rock star dog and is just “straight chillin” on a joy ride.  What a goof.  Also…do I get bonus points for the fact the Justin Timberlake’s “Reflection” song was playing on the radio while I snapped these shots???? I think I do!  Then…scroll down for some magic!

Lily most definitely is a “money maker.”  I mean look at that face! She knows how to work the camera with very little effort.  She went to hang out in her downstairs bed and I noticed the floor reflecting her  paws. I thankfully had my camera on the table, grabbed it…fought to keep camera hog Baxter from jumping in front of the camera, and snapped away. Then I noticed all the dog hair on the floor and wiped it up and shot again!  I swear, Baxter sheds hair like ten dogs combined.  AND THEN…and then…yes…yes…yes…she gave me the last photo! Sweet doggieness!

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