Project 52 – Recreate or imitate

Sep 13, 2013

This week’s theme was to imitate or recreate something from our favorite artist.  I knew this was going to be super hard.  My three favorite artists are Salvador Dali (The Rose painting is my all time favorite) and two Charleston painters, Robert Lange and Nathan Durfee.  I had one idea for each artist and settled on Robert’s use of reflection. HE. IS. AMAZING.  He often photographs his subjects and then recreates them with paint.  He also has a lot of fun with perspective in his paintings.  I had some trouble getting a good clear reflection with my bowl.  Had I rented a macro lens and had a large marble I think I could have achieved a look closer to his.  The last image is my favorite as Baxter reaches out for the bowl (and the treat I had set on top!)  If you are ever in Charleston, you MUST (no really, you have to) visit Robert Lange Studios and check it out.  The venue itself is a great work of art and he hosts some of the best artists around.  Plus, Robert and his wife Megan are seriously the nicest and most beautiful people I’ve ever met.  I actually had my engagement party at the gallery.  Amazing. They are just amazing.

*I was going to recreate Durfee’s Michael considers his options painting in which a pink elephant is floating above a flat surface tied to a large red balloon and wearing red goggles.  I adore this painting in part because it is so similar to Dali’s The Rose.  I may try my hand at recreating it in the future, but just needed a little more time.robertlange



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