Project 52 – Re-shoot, Re-edit, Re-visit

Mar 28, 2014

I got to pick this week’s theme! It’s one I’ve been thinking about for a while.  My shooting style and editing style have both evolved over the years.  My editing style more-so than my shooting style.  I wanted to challenge us to go back and look at some of our old work and see how we might edit them differently now.  Or even re-shoot a similar shot all together.

I went through what I would call a “dark period” in my work.  I had just taken an online course where the photographer talked about how he purposely underexposed his shots to preserve the highlights.  But I was also in a phase of trying to challenge myself to get my settings right in the camera and not have to do any dramatic editing to make the photo look good.  If I was going to be a great photographer, I didn’t want to have to rely on editing.  I wanted (and still do) want my editing to enhance the photos, but not use it to create something that’s not real.  Mixing the two did NOT work!  Obviously if I was going to underexpose with the purpose of then editing the images to brighten shadows and still have details in the highlights, I would have to EDIT the photos!

This first images below shows the original photo on the left.  I underexposed while shooting, but didn’t brighten the photo as much as I would have now.  The middle photo is my original edit and the one on the right is how I would edit the photo now.  I warmed it up, better defined the eyes, but also did not oversaturate the blues in the eyes like I did before.  I also now have photoshop, so removing the leash is much more clean.  You can still see the little circles from where I tried to remove the leash in Lightroom.

reedit baxter 2This second image is from the same shoot.  I adore this photo!!!!  But it was a bit too dark and too cool in coloring for my current style.  I brightened the eyes, cropped and rotated slightly and warmed up the photo.reedit baxter1

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