Project 52 – Lily the naughty puppy

Nov 2, 2012

This week’s theme was “naughty.”  We could either catch our subjects in the act or stage the photo.  Well Lily doesn’t need to be setup to be  caught being naughty, but having my camera around doesn’t always happen.

Lily LOVES to grab underwear from the hamper and run around with them or run and hide with them under the bed. I didn’t really want to put my unmentionables on the internet, but… LOL  I grabbed some undergarments from the (clean) drawer and a pair of shoes and placed them on the stairs. I was going to get Lily to sit amongst her favorite things to destroy, but before I could call her name, she grabbed a piece and ran like mad!  Then when I finally wrestled her to the ground ten minutes later, she plopped down in the pile of her favorite things giving her best “What? I didn’t do anything!” look. Too cute for her own good.

*Update: after writing this post…this little turkey of a dog was found destroying the heel of one of “go to” pairs of shoes for work. Thanks Lily. Thanks a lot.*

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