Project 52 – Joy

Jan 10, 2014

So I missed the very first week of the year! Really? We were supposed to introduce ourselves. So as a recap…

In short, I’m Tara Lynn, mom to two rescue pups Baxter and Lily. They will primarily be the stars for many of the Project 52 weekly themed photos shoots.  I am a news reporter by overnights and a pet photographer by all other hours of the day. My business all started because of a cute little puppy my hubby and I adopted in 2008 named Baxter!  To see and hear my story, check out this video!

What is Project 52?? It’s a group of international photographers that challenge each other each week with a different theme.  Then we all post and share on our blogs on Fridays and you get to enjoy!

This week’s theme is JOY!  I first wanted to do something a little different and spell the word joy with things that bring my pups joy: going to walks, food food food and anything they can chew on!  For Lily it has to be antlers as she is allergic to raw hides (and various other meat products).  It was cute, but just not up to snuff.
preview-0467So I bring you this JOY!  What puppy doesn’t bring us joy with a simple look! They don’t have to be smiling or doing anything in particular, just existing brings the world so much joy!  I photographed this little pup Wednesday at the SPCA of Wake County!  So I hope this cutie brings you much joy at the end of a cold long week (for us here in NC and the US anyway!).  And I do feel it necessary to issue a disclaimer about puppy cuteness: oh it’s pretty irresistible, but remember when looking for the right pet to add to your family, there is a lot of training and dedication involved in adopting any animal, but especially a puppy.  Don’t let their cuteness hinder that training because they do grow up and get much bigger.  So often people adopt cute little puppies and then don’t follow through with training and then return the dog to a shelter for “behavior issues.”  Just make sure you are ready to make the commitment.  It will be totally worth it!

preview-0235Now go fill the rest of your morning with JOY but clicking through the blog ring of other talented photographers until you end up back here!  Start off with Khanya Photography from Hudson Valley NY.