Project 52 – Indoors – Pit Bulls share Earth Day messages

Apr 25, 2014

The past two months have been crazy and I’ve missed a few Project 52 Fridays, but I am BACK!  This week’s theme was “indoors.” Many of us in the group primarily shoot outside and use natural light, so this was a challenge to move indoors and practice shooting in low light.  I have photographed my pups many times indoors for the various Project 52 themes and felt I had run out of ideas since I’ve photographed them in pretty much every part of the house.

So, if you haven’t yet met the SPCA of Wake County Pit Crew…meet them now below!  Each month we come up with a theme, background and costumes to showcase just how great these adoptable dogs are and get them some more exposure.  We shoot inside the building and thankfully there are a lot of windows and the room is all white so I have a bright location to use.  In February we, I mean the dogs, came up with their own personal ads to help them find homes. The Huffington Post even featured the campaign!

So take a look at their Earth Day messages!  Things you can do indoors and out to help protect our earth for generations to come!

Honorary Pit Crew member for the evening, Titan!

Now check out how the other photographers used this week’s theme, starting with Denver pet photographer, StinkDog Photos.