Project 52- Happy Face

Feb 15, 2013

This was the perfect theme for me this week! We were asked to show how our pups greet us when we get home! I left Saturday to go to the Westminster Dog show in NYC to cover behind the scenes action for WRAL-TV. I got back Wednesday. They only thing that got me through was the fact that I was surrounded by dogs, but boy did I miss my Baxter and even my trouble-maker Lily.  Baxter is always excited when mom gets home, although he was a little distracted this time.  Since I had been around hundreds of dogs, he did his excited dance and then quickly started sniffing all the new smells on my jacket.  He always knows when I’ve been around other dogs or been at the SPCA.  But he still jumped up to get some head rubs and say hello. He always leads the way upstairs to go let Lily out of her crate.  He gets so excited and turns around every few steps to make sure I’m still right behind him.  Then he likes to show off with a toy. This time, he had a sock of mine and shook it several times and play bowed in delight.  I wish I could get a photo of what it’s like when I come home to Lily and let her out of her crate.  She is simply wild.  If she had her way, she would lick my entire face for about ten minutes.  I tried to get some video on my cell phone but it was just a shaky camera and me shrieking as she nibbled my ears. (side note: I think I’m allergic to her saliva. My face was all red with bumps after this little exercise).  She too knew something was funny about how my coat smelled and she and Baxter went to town investigating.  This was only the third time I’ve left Baxter and Lily since they’ve been together, and the longest time I spent away from them.  It was nice to have a “break” from the daily dog duties (or should I say “doo-dies” haha), but I couldn’t have been happier settling on the couch and having each pup sleeping by my side!

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*Project 52 is a group of international pet photographers challenging each other with a weekly theme to break out of the box and try something new.