Project 52 – Black and white

Jan 25, 2013

This week’s theme was “black and white.”  I felt the urge to pull from the archives. I love a powerful black and white photo and this is my all time favorite photo of Baxter.  If there was ever a photo to capture and depict his personality with one split second click of my camera, this would be it!  While Baxter looks oh-so-adorable when his ears are perked and tongue is hanging out, he has such a sophisticated and regal nature about him.  His eyes in this photo showcase his deep love, eagerness to please and a protective glance.  It’s also a look that says to me, “hey mom, I’m so glad you found me. Please don’t ever leave me like my first family did.  I’ll love you forever, no matter what.”  Baxter, my precious child, I LOVE YOU.

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