Photoshop tutorial: Dealing with cataracts

Oct 7, 2013

Oh Dexter! I love this little nugget and can’t wait to show you all of his photos from his shoot.  In the meantime, I’ve been working a little editing magic with his eyes.  Mr. Dexter is 11 years old, blind in one eye and has cataracts and glaucoma!  I wanted to bring back some of the details of his eyes.  All of the work on his eyes was done in Lightroom.  First, I warmed up the temperature of his eyes to reduce the blue color and also reduced the exposure.  That by itself makes a big difference.
dexter1To add a little more contrast, I added some of the brown color back in to his eyes.  I didn’t want to over do it as this is what Dexter looks like now, but I also wanted to bring his natural eyes (before his troubles) to life.

I took the image into photoshop to remove the leash and two little white dots on the floor of the cart.  They are minor, but taking them out makes the photo much cleaner for me visually.dexter 2

I did the same steps for the photo below. The first one is straight out of the camera. I warmed it up, upped the saturation overall and then worked on the eyes.

I also removed some of the leaves.  I have noticed in this post and my previous photoshop post that the images appear lighter after editing in photoshop and bringing them back into Lightroom.

So I will start to bring back the exposure to the proper level. It’s a slight change, but can make a big difference if you make multiple edits.

dex before after