Nava – Raleigh puppy photographer

Jan 18, 2017

I’ve been photographing Jheri and her doggy family since early 2013, but it seems like so much longer.  We instantly clicked and her first puppy Rosabelle quickly became like my own child!  She was a lot like my Lily.  Two adorable white puppies with their unique challenges and sky-high adorableness.  Our “soul pets.”  Since that first session, Jheri has welcomed Anubis to the family and this year, Nava.  She also had to make a difficult decision to say good-bye to Rosabelle.  You’ll hear more about that story on the blog next week.

Nava was just three months old during her first session this summer, about the same age as Rosabelle was for her first photo shoot.  She was cute as could be and very well behaved.

Here is Nava’s adoption story told by Jheri.

“Before I had to put Rosabelle down on June 11th, I went to Saving Grace in Wake Forest to look at a litter of eight-week old boxer mix puppies they had just rescued. I didn’t want Anubis and I to be lonely and sad after saying goodbye to Rosabelle so I decided I wanted to rescue a puppy. I had already decided which pup from the litter I wanted before I went to the rescue, but when I got there and saw Nava, whose name was Marigold at the time. I felt like she would be a better fit for whatever reason. I brought her home on June 9th and got to spend almost two days with the three most perfect dogs I could have ever asked for. Rosabelle was the best big sister to Nava for the short time they had together. And I believe that Rosabelle is with Nava all of the time because Nava is like her in so many ways.”