Murphy and MacKenzie – the Golden Retrievers

Jun 4, 2014

Meet the Golden Bacons!  Murphy and MacKenzie have their own facebook page and instragram account and are known as the Golden Bacons!  These two golden retrievers are just beautiful! Sweet MacKenzie will turn 13 in July! Just look at that cute white face!  My favorite photo and one of mom and dad’s favorite is of her doing a quick zoomie and running with the biggest smile on her face! They said it’s been quite a while since she has done that! She was just really excited to be my model for the day!  Murphy is an extremely well-behaved puppy!  He was about six months at the time of our shoot in March.  He’s also recently graduated from his basic manners class.  He could be off leash and sit and stay and lay down! I was very impressed!

Mom and dad (Colleen and Jim) say the dogs are their heart and soul. “Kenzie Bear” has gone through two rounds of cancer and been their faithful rock through it all.  They describe Murphy as their “rolling snowball.”

My other two favorite shots are Murphy on his back with the leash looped around him and the shot of MacKenzie with her eyes closed as she and Jim share some love at the end of our session! Makes my heart melt to see that special bond! What lucky dogs and what lucky humans!