Murphy and Chipper – Wild Wake Forest dog photos

Apr 20, 2016

Most of my clients usually tell me up front that their dogs are “not that well behaved” and they always prove me wrong.  I photograph dogs for a living so I’ve managed to fine tune techniques that work to capture all types of dogs. I’ve also had a lot of practice as a volunteer photographer at the SPCA.  With that said, Murphy and Chipper certainly were a wild pair, but in the best way possible.  They have such joy and energy and enthusiasm to explore.  Murphy the Weimaraner is just two years old.  He made the goofiest faces.  Chipper was every bit an 11-month old puppy and so much fun!  We met at one of my favorite places, Joyner Park.

Cyndie’s fiance Scott purchased a gift certificate for her as a surprise.  I was so excited to meet them all. How CUTE it’s Cyndie’s son Harrison.  I tried to work my magic and make photo-taking seem fun and cool to a 14-year-old.  Not quite sure that I succeeded in impressing him, but he was a great sport and helped wrangle the dogs!  Enjoy these silly photos!