March adoptable pets at the SPCA of Wake County

Mar 5, 2013

The SPCA of Wake County was crowded yesterday for sure! And before I could even post the photos I took, at least one of the pups was adopted! There are puppies galore at the SPCA right now. Some really fluffy ones too. Puppies are beyond adorable, but a LOT of work. So many times people come in and adopt a puppy and return them a few months later because they weren’t willing to put in the time to properly train the cutie that suddenly they no longer think is cute now that the puppy had grown. So…yes, ooo and ahhh and by all means adopt a puppy if you are committed, but don’t pass by some of our older pups. I promise they are just as cute and sometimes much more well behaved!

This six month old cutie was adopted just after I took his photo. What an adorable puppy that already knows how to sit and was so well-behaved!