Maltese Puppy Mill bust: Raleigh Pet Portraits (Wake County SPCA)

Jul 20, 2012

The SPCA of Wake County assisted the Humane Society at the end of May in another puppy mill rescue.  This time…they rescued more than 30 Maltese dogs.  We wanted to document as many as we could with a round of pet portraits.  While they do all look alike, you can tell in the photos that they all have reacted differently to their situation.  When we did our first round of puppy mill photos after a bust in March, nearly every dog looked terrified.  Most were shaking during their photos as they had very little interaction with humans while stuck in cages for so long.  Some of these pups were actually smiling, but still many others showed the sadness in their eyes.  This is yet again the reality of irresponsible breeders and why I ADOPT, not SHOP for a pet.  Click here to see photos from the March puppy mill bust.