Lucy the cuddly white pit bull – Raleigh pet photographer

May 22, 2013

Do you seeeeeee this face? Talk about striking a pose! Miss Lucy is just so over the top cute I can’t stand it.  She is a four year old beauty! She looks so much like my Lily but her ears have this amazing lift to them that I just adore.  Lucy was a well behaved model for our April shoot together.  The best part was, after she diligently sat and posed, she’d run up to me and cover me in kisses!  She’s such a better kisser than my Lily who is quite aggressive in the licking/kissing department.  Can you see Lucy’s different looks?? Below she’s giving me a sexy pout, she also has a “fierce” look, the “I’m sexy and I know it” look, and the “hey lady, you said sit five times already, just give me the treat” look.  Loveable Lucy is an SPCA alum and daughter to one of the most dedicated SPCA volunteers, Christine!  Christine adopted Lucy when Lucy was 8 months old.  She actually adopted her on my birthday!!!! August 22, 2009…although I was not born in 2009. Don’t they just look fabulous together???  Christine and I volunteer together with the Pit Crew and she has the biggest, sweetest heart.  She’s been wanting to do a shoot for quite some time and I am so honored to have captured these special memories of her and Lucy-lu.