Little Lily the Cheweenie! Raleigh dog photography

Jul 5, 2013

Meet Lily! A tiny little Chihuahua/dachshund mix!  Mom Jennifer says she was at a flea market and saw little Lily being sold for $5!  She knew she had to scoop her up.  Jen sometimes calls Lily her five-dollar-foot-long. he he   We had to reschedule due to rain which seems to be the case for several shoots lately. But it was absolutely worth it!  The sun was perfectly shining softly in the background of our shoot and there were so many colorful flowers.  It seems that each shoot I have these days I fall more in love with the photos than I did my last shoot.  I’ve been working hard this past year to really nail down my style and voice as a photographer and I think I’m right where I want to be!  There is always more to learn, but I’m really excited about the strides I continue to make as I push myself each shoot to be better.

Fun fact about Lily: if you say anything at all to her, she stares at you at twists her head from side to side. It’s so adorable!