Lily the pit bull turns TWO years old – Dog cake smash photo shoot

Mar 20, 2014

Sweet little Lily-kins is now TWO!  I just can’t believe it!  Her birthday shoot was a quick stop downtown this year, but still cute and perfect nonetheless.  This will most likely be Lily’s last birthday with us.  Stay tuned for a blogpost with more details.  I’m just trying to cry it all out for a few weeks. In short, she and Baxter have not been getting along and for both to be happy and safe, they need to be in single-dog-homes.

But let’s talk about happy stuff…like Lily’s cute butt! this was actually just a test shot to see how my settings were for the lighting and to white balance.  But it was too cute not to post.  She sat so patiently waiting to chow down into her personalized doggie cake from Gourmutt’s Bakery.  Her actually birthday (as best to my knowledge of when I found her) was Tuesday. But it was cold and dreary.  She enjoyed a nail trim Wednesday and loved the car ride to pick up her cake!  We waited until the sun finally came out to play today (Thursday) for our shoot!  I love this little girl to pieces!  Scroll down to see how she’s grown!
Here is Lily one year ago on her first birthday!WEBlilybirthday-0390

Here is Lily at three months old the day I found her.

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