Lily Lately: Diary of a foster failure

Dec 5, 2012

My sweet girl is growing up! Lily hit 8-months November 18th!  She still loves to sleep, but only after she’s run and explored and wrestled with Baxter for a long while. She does love to cuddle though!

Lately she’s eaten (and passed) a ribbon, bark, acorns (that was a mess!) and a plastic handle of a yellow measuring cup!  Oh dear!

I am happy to report that her skin has completely cleared up!  She finished her last round of antibiotics more than a month ago and immediately flared up with red patches all over her skin.  We had already switched to food made from kangaroo and thankfully a few days later she was clear!! She’s now eating food made from buffalo and she can’t get enough. So much so that putting it in the car and her sitting the back seat for less than five minutes as I was talking to somebody outside, she ripped into the bag! Hopefully this is the end of the food allergy mystery!

There are some days I joke that I would like to drop her back off on the bench where I found her in June, but she looks up at me with those sweet puppy eyes and wonky ears and steals my heart every time. I love her…but look forward to her outgrowing some of those crazy silly puppy habits!